Inspiring Excellence


Growing up playing the violin always brought feelings of thrill and delight. There is a profound sense of elation when beautiful sounds are created on the violin. The level of joy becomes even more gratifying when one realizes that they alone are the creator of that special sound.   

No one else can have your personal sound (what we refer to as tone), and that is what makes playing the violin (or viola) so unique.   

The instrument challenges the student to bring out the best sound that they can create. Through inspiration and positive encouragement, I will work with you and your child to achieve their best.   

In addition to recitals, and our yearly Suzuki Festival, students are encouraged to take assessments by the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music). The ABRSM supports high musical standards and being part of this greater international community places your children amongst the best.


Instilling Motivation

I believe that in order for students to be motivated they need to build relationships that share a common goal.   

Strength in numbers boosts performance. Students enrolled in my program are grouped into small PODS or TEAMS receiving more one-to-one time (twice a week) than the traditional once a week approach.  

Dr. Suzuki had the right approach regarding group classes and the inspirational benefits of healthy competition, drive and determination; all very important for social growth.   

My program explores a more intensive approach to group class. During the course of a year a smaller number of students can be grouped more easily in a POD that fits their playing skills and another POD that meets their skills at a school grade level. This is more difficult to achieve with a group class of 8 students ranging from ages 4-8 years. And the overall benefit is that they get a little more individual time with the teacher twice a week.   



I believe that it is important to be a part of a community that helps foster a dynamic environment where small successes are praised and difficult challenges are embraced. Students are encouraged to perform as acts of kindness for their extended community outside of the music studio.