Greetings DGMA fans!

50/75/100 Day Practice Challenge is in full swing! Start date deadline is April 10th!


1.Practice Daily:

1.Pre-Twinkle: at least 10 minutes

2.Book 1: at least 20 minutes

3.Book 2/3: at least 30 minutes

4.Books 4/5: at least 45 minutes

5.Books 6 and up: at least 60 minutes

2.Lesson Days and group Days Count as a practice day

3. Listen to your recordings for 

90 minutes counts as ONE practice day.

4.DOUBLING up for a missed day is allowed only 2  times for  50  days,  3  times  for  75  days  and  4  times  for  100  day challengers.

Place a check mark on each day you practice. (Or log in online to keep track)

Place an asterisk * on a double day and an X on the day you did the make-up for.

Place a wavy line for a listening day  (watching  a  youtube  performance  of  mozart  concerto  by  Hilary  Hahn  also  counts)

Be creative! Calling up your friends on FaceTime or Skype and perform for each other!


congratulations audition campers!

Audition Results

Students in books 4+ Violin and Books 3+ Viola prepared for 4 days at our audition and enrichment camp to be ready for their youth orchestra auditions!


Anabel Guerreiro: Symphony (Greater Connecticut Youth Orchestra)

Stephanie Tang: Concert (Norwalk Youth Symphony)

Alaina Argiriou: Philharmonia (Norwalk Youth Symphony)

George Caratzas: Philharmonia (Norwalk Youth Symphony)

Leo Mikkola-Patel: Philharmonia (Norwalk Youth Symphony)

Alex Caratzas: Prelude (Norwalk Youth Symphony)

Mia Dejaeger: Prelude (Norwalk Youth Symphony)